Italy vs England a brief history

With 2015 being a busy year for rugby, and many people focusing on the World Cup rather than the 2016 Six Nations Championship. But the match dates have now been released and tickets are on sale and now selling fast.

One popular option will be to head to Rome to see England take on Italy, which we can arrange for you at Bellarome. If that sounds interesting, here is a quick history of the two countries.

Italy vs England: brief history

At the time of writing, England and Italy have played a total of 21 test matches – all of which have been won by England. It is not a great surprise, seeing as England has a long history of rugby stretching back many decades, whereas Italy only became part of the Six Nations in 2000.

The first match between the two countries was not long ago: 8 October 1991. This took place in the World Cup that year, and England won the match 36-6. This is one of three World Cup matches that they have played, and most of the others have been in the Six Nations Championship.

In total, England have accumulated 842 points compared to Italy's 266. 12 of the matches have been played in England, with eight taking place in Italy. You can head to Wikipedia to see a complete list of results.

Enjoy an electric atmosphere

The England vs Italy match will be held in the Stadio Olimpico. If you know anything about football, you may know that this is home to two of the biggest football clubs in Italy: Roma and Lazio.

You can expect a full house, which means there will be as many as (70,000) other rugby fanatics cheering the teams on.

The atmosphere is going to be amazing, as it always is here. But the atmosphere in the city will also be excellent. Rome will come alive over the weekend, when thousands of English rugby fans will flock here to watch their team, hoping for another success – while the home fans will be desperate to get their first win against England.

And you can soak it all up when you book your ticket for the match.

Explore Rome

Book a three-night trip with Bellarome to see the rugby and you will be able to spend some time exploring Rome. This ancient city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and there is so much to see.

If you like art and culture, visit the Vatican Museums and see the Sistine Chapel. For world-famous attractions, see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain.

Then of course there are endless restaurants and cafes to relax in, and you could always do a spot of shopping in the high-end designer boutiques.

Make a real holiday out of it

Of course, you could decide to stay even longer and make it into a week-long trip or more. That would allow you to travel elsewhere in the country. Italy is full of beautiful destinations that are all easy to reach, and you will be spoilt for choice.

Whether you want to:

• spend some time exploring the Amalfi Coast;
• visit Tuscany and enjoy the wonder of Florence;
• see other cities like Venice and Milan.

All the destinations have their own unique attractions, so get your accommodation, flights and everything else arranged when you book a rugby trip through a specialist organiser, and then you can start looking forward to your rugby holiday to welcome in 2016.

Get your trip booked

There is nothing better than having your trip all arranged ahead of schedule so you can relax and look forward to it. 2015 is a big year for rugby with the World Cup coming to England, but don't let that distract you from arranging your tickets for next year's events. The Six Nations is always a fantastic event, so start planning your trip to watch England in Italy today.

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